What is Fama Fest?

We are the largest and sustainable Art and Environment Festival in Mexico City, we emerged from an alliance made by La Cuadra A.C., Huerto Roma Verde, Expressarte and the British Council in order to achieve a better understanding of the serious socio- environmental crisis that we are facing and that without a doubt will significantly increase the ecosystems that support life on the planet.

We believe it is essential that the population approaches the knowledge and understanding of this problem within a sensitive space, through which we can find solutions that help us face the coming socio-environmental crisis and thus be able to improve the psycho-affective relationships that we need to weave from resilient communities. What better tool than Art to make this happen and being a festival of regenerative impact.

We also want to start co-creating community collaboration tools that allow opening dialogues to reach consensual solutions and generate work schemes that facilitate the development of community systems. To do this, we propose easy-to-implement ecotechniques, that begin to influence people’s daily lives to lower our consumption and our hydro and carbon footprint.

This Festival uses different artistic expressions such as dance, painting, literature, cinema and music, to raise its voice and thereby demonstrate the environmental crisis we are living.

We are therefore, celebrating once again in March the second edition of this Festival. FAMA being the main request that Mexico City and its Mayoralties carry out regarding the declaration of Climate Emergency. On that occasion, more than 30 organizations and 14 artists joined the call, in addition to academics and people in general who actively participated in the festival, achieving a gathering of around 4,000 people and an impact of more than 500,000 impressions on social networks. With the second edition we are sure that we will achieve a greater reach and impact, so we ask you to help us spread the word about the Festival and its causes.

The theme that we are promoting today is Living Soils and Biodiversity, since we believe that without a soil capable of generating life, through its microorganisms, minerals and nutrients in general, it is not possible to generate the trophic chain that sustains biodiversity in the planet. This issue is extremely important because today our living soils are being lost at a very worrying rate, so much so that it is already above the priorities to be resolved in the short term.

We will also be presenting a series of solutions and actions that we can carry out from our homes to help stop the climate crisis that we are going through. For this reason, within the framework of the festival, we will also present an initiative that we are promoting: ´Pact with the Earth´, which we are sure will motivate many people to “artivism” and climate action.

The objective of FAMA is that through these actions, the inhabitants of Mexico City generate awareness, but, at the same time, that the authorities promote public policies that are aimed at guaranteeing our human right to a healthy environment.