What is Fama Fest?

We are the largest Art and Environmental Festival in the Mexican capital, where through different artistic expressions such as dance, painting, literature, cinema and music, we will raise our voices to show the environmental crisis in which we live and we will declare the Climate Emergency of Mexico City thanks to the joint action of more than 30 organizations and 14 artists.

Poets, plastic artists, musicians, authorities, experts, artisans, Civil Society Organizations and groups have come together to find solutions in order to stop the environmental crisis and prepare a declaration of Climate Emergency that will be shared with Mexican authorities. At the same time you will enjoy live music with DJs and jazz, workshops, conferences, performances, cultural markets, cuisine and much more. Admission is free.

The objective of FAMA is to generate awareness through these actions, in the inhabitants of Mexico City, and, at the same time, for the authorities to promote public policies that are aimed at guaranteeing our human right to a healthy environment.